Chevrolet C3500 C4500 Instrument Cluster Repair Service 2003-2006

3.00 LBS
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You are purchasing our Repair Service to your 2003-2006 GM Chevrolet C3500 C4500 Instrument Cluster.

You are not purchasing a part. You ship your part to us. We repair and return.

This Repair Service Covers Faulty Gauges ,Back Lights and Display Lighting ,
We replace with new, All Highest Quality Gauge Stepper Motors & Incandescent Bulbs (All Replaced)

Each Repair Service purchase must be accompanied by a completed R&R Form. To submit an R&R form:

  1.                      Click Here to download the R&R form.
  2.                      Open the form on your computer, fill out the necessary information, and save.
  3.                      Where it says "Please submit your R&R Form" click "Browse"
  4.                      Select the completed form from your files.
  5.                     When you add this Repair Service to your cart and check out the form will be submitted with  your order.

It is Important to Include your 17 digit Vehicle Identification number on the R&R form an in the Product Checkout Page

Please Ship your part to the address which appears on the R&R Form.

Please ship us your Original Part . We do not accept responsibility for any coding needed after our Repair Services have been completed , Average turn around Time is 1 to 2 Business days.

Package your part well to protect from damage in shipment. We suggest double nest packaging , One box inside another with protection on the outer inside box,We also suggest insurance.

Not all Modules are rebuildable, In which case a Return Shipping fee will be due should you request it returned.